Catalytic Converters

EI Williams, a global leader in manufacturing fully integrated metal fabrication equipments, which includes automatic welding machines and CNC machines offers a full line of catalytic converters for gasoline, diesel, and many other engine types such as synergies resulting in leading edge research. We provide our clients with the highest quality in catalytic converters.

EI Williams has developed a reputation for offering the highest in quality with exceptional value in our design and manufacturing of our catalytic converters and catalytic systems for the emissions markets.

E I Williams can provide oxidation catalysts and particulate matter filters to meet regulations for carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, VOC (volatile organic compound), formaldehyde, and particulate matter reduction. In addition, we can provide three way catalysts (TWC) for stoichiometric applications where DeNOx is a primary concern in rich burn applications. We can also provide SCR catalysts to address NOx reduction in lean burn applications. These catalyst solutions allow E I Williams to address typical challenges in meeting RICE-NESHAP (RN) and New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for prime and standby power needs for a variety of applications in the Power Generation (including peak shaving), gas compression, gas turbine, air compression, and drilling engine emission needs.

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