Glossary Terms

Acoustics - The science of sound: its production, transmission and effects.
Acoustical - The properties of a material that absorb or reflect sound.
Acoustical Analysis - A review of a space to determine the level or reverberation, or reflected sound, in the space (in seconds) as influenced by the building materials used to construct the space. Also, a study of the amount of acoustical absorption required to reduce reverberation and noise.
Acoustical Consultant - A professional, usually with an engineering degree, or certification (s) whom belongs to professional organizations, whose primary role is to provide advice on acoustical requirements and noise control in a variety of situations.
Acoustical Environment - The acoustical characteristics of a space or room influenced by the amount of acoustical absorption, or lack of it, in the space.
Architectural Acoustics - The control of noise in a building space to adequately support the communications function within the space and its effect on the occupants. The qualities of the building materials used to determine its character with respect to distinct hearing.
Absorption - The properties of a material composition to convert sound energy into heat, thereby reducing the amount of energy that can be reflected.
Attenuation - The reduction of sound energy as a function of distance traveled.

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